I Don't Need A pH and EC Meter

Do I Need A pH and EC Meter?

Very often at SpaceHydro we are helping our customers to resolve problems with their grow and get them pointed in the direction of amazing harvests. Most of the time the problems stem from something basic such as the incorrect use of nutrients or an incorrect pH level. You need to know exactly how strong the nutrients are that you are giving and exactly what pH you are giving them.

Often, if you don't know the nutrient strength or pH you can get right back on track by simply going away and monitoring these levels with one of our lab-grade instruments. By far and away one of the most common mistakes made is overfeeding, causing nutrient burn and stunted growth and this often occurs when the EC/TDS is not checked. Most often this overfeeding occurs during the bloom phase when boosters are used that can cause unexpected increases in EC readings.

If you want to grow like a pro then you really need to keep on top of the fundamentals of successful growing which means EC and pH. If you do nothing else then make sure you pick up quality instruments to keep tabs on these readings. Remember to keep the instruments clean and calibrated and you will save yourself guessing at readings and potentially making costly mistakes.