Buy Once - Buy Right

There has been rising demand over the last few years for budget equipment and this is evident through the number of store customers finding themselves short on cash. You can often put yourself in a financially difficult situation until harvest time with the various purchases of equipment, nutrients, and boosters. There are more and more cases where customers have sourced cheap equipment elsewhere and end up with poor yields or worse - no yields at all!

At SpaceHydro we do not want to be associated with cheap equipment and poor yields. We are here because we care and we want to see every single one of our customers achieve the best yields possible. As such you may find that we do not stock budget products. We want to work with you to find an affordable solution without flogging you sub-par equipment. 

Please bare this in mind next time your budget pH pen has broken or you are thinking of buying a cheap tent off eBay. Remember, its as true in hydroponics as it is in any other field, you get what you pay for and if you buy cheap you buy twice: once to buy the cheap equipment and againt to replace it with good equipment!